Group Report

The Group Report lists all staff belonging to the group and gives a detailed breakdown of the different declaration types submitted for the selected financial year. The abbreviations used in the column headings are qualified in the legend immediately below. Clicking on an individual's name will display that person's declarations of interest records (click the < go back link to return to this web page). You can filter the report by financial year. By default the current financial year will be displayed. You can select to view figures for all financial years to-date. Please note the 'declaration made/started on date' rather than the 'date the declaration was submitted' is the date that is used to determine the financial year the declaration of interest records are attributed to. You can use the Print button to print out this report.

DM = Decision Maker ; Gi = Gifts ; Ho = Hospitality (including invitations to speak at eve ; Ou = Outside Employment ; Cl = Clinical Private Practice ; Se = Sponsored Events ; SR = Sponsored Research ; SP = Sponsored Posts ; Sh = Shareholdings and other ownership interests ; Pa = Patents ; Do = Donations ; Lo = Loyalty Interests ; En = End of Year Nil Declaration ; Ni = Nil Declaration

DMDMGiHoOuClSeSrSpShPaDoLoEnNi Total
Daniel Abrams 0020000000100 3
Nicola Ayton 0000000000000 0
Ewen Cameron 0012000000100 4
Paul Knapton 0000000000300 3
Patrick Maxwell 00600002003700 45
Michael More 0010000000400 5
Sharon Peacock 0060000200000 8
Shirley Pointer 0030000000200 5
Paul Scott 0000000000000 0
Ashley Shaw 0003000000000 3
Roland Sinker 0000000000900 9
Lorraine Szeremeta 0000000000200 2
Ian Walker 0000000000000 0
David Wherrett 0010000000400 5
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust